God Bless Our Strong American Women

I am really glad to have a new following on twitter. Many stories have inspired me and have made me realize that no matter how bad it may get for me, there’s other that our worse. And many of the people who inspire most our women! My mother died of Ovarian Cancer when I was 17. She never once cried in front of me and always put on a strong face knowing all along she was dying. I look back and I remember the advice she gave me about treating women with respect like her and Grandma taught me and to always be a gentleman.
At the time my Dad and I didn’t see eye to eye on anything, typical of a teenage rebel. I was smoking pot and drinking beer and getting into trouble with school and he was the enemy, but my Mama told me that it had to end so we promised it would stop and it did. We both did our best and we became best friends. My sisters and I don’t get along too good, but that was not my fault. They just don’t understand me, I guess.
I’m an artist and when you try to explain to people what you do they tend to think that’s not an occupation. Well, I was determined to prove them wrong, but first I had to get a degree so I joined the Navy in 1988 when it was peadce time and then in 1990 the Gulf War broke out. I never wanted to go to war, but I was a Third Class Petty Officer by this time and it was my duty to uphold my agreement to defend all enemies so I went. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. But I did it and I survived. Many good men were not so lucky.
Some of the women I served with could work circles around most men. My ex-wife was one of them. My current wife didn’t serve, but she works just as hard and now she is sick like me. She’s disabled and she still does things and she says it’s because she’s not as bad as me, but I worry about her. Her stomach issues are so new and rare that the surgeries she needes to have to correct her problems are very life-threatening. But she’s so tough, I know she will survive. She is a fighter and so am I.
So I want to share some stories of some tough men and women I found on twitter. This first one needs your friendship on facebook and twitter so she can have a fan base to sell a book. She had a water-skiing accident that almost hung her. Thank god she survived. Help her out folks. And I also have included some links to some organizations that are doing some great work. I am amazed by these true American Heroes! Rock on you soldiers of pain and suffering who refuse to let it get you down. Nothing can keep us down! We get up every day with a determination to prove all those who said we would never be normal again wrong and if the bills are piling up – these folks may need your help in selling a book. I was thinking of doing the same. People keep saying they dig my writing so I think I might do that. If anyone wants to write a post for me – I’m game! I want all you potential authors or people who want to plug their organization or whatever – I’m all for it! You plug my gig and I plug yours!
I love all of you fighers out there! Love you with all my heart and I am your biggest fan! We are all your fans here on the GIV site and I know I speak for my readers because we are all down…BUT NEVER OUT!! We are the tough, the ones who don’t let the banker take our house, the ones who are going to beat all odds and although we are not perfect, we have bad and good days – we fall of the saddle and get back up and ride again no matter how many times it takes dammit! I salute all of you heroes!
So please enjoy these wonderful stories and do more than just read – give them all your love and support and prayers. Thanks!

This is the story of Waterski Wonder Shellie Blum – A fighter of epic proportions! She’s been all over and done it all and her next conquest is to get back on her feet – I am a fan already and I just read her amazing story with a tear in my eye. Not because I feel sorry for her, but because I know she’s going to conquer yet another hurl and it may be her greatest accomplisment yet – a bestselling book! but she can’d do it alone – help her out!:

cropped-Blog-Header-Victoria-Mavis-2013And here’s the story of the inspiration and another hero of mine… Victoria Mavis

Victoria Mavis is a speaker and presenter, best-selling author, human resource expert, entrepreneur, and a person with a lifelong disability. Whether in a group conversation or one-to-one, she masterfully taps into intimate experiences that inspire others to uncover their inner strength leading to triumph over adversity. While speaking on stage, her light-hearted dialogue is sprinkled with her signature stories of overcoming adversity including mobility limitations and challenges, childhood bullying, social acceptance, and workforce integration.

As a collaborative author on the recent best-selling book, “Building the Ultimate Network” she contributed her business networking expertise in ‘Commanding the Room.’ Her next collaborative, upcoming creative non-fiction book, “The Couch and the Hairball: How a Disability turns Tragedy into Triumph,” includes hard hitting life tragedies caused when a near fatal accident leaves the main character, Torri, with a lifetime disability. Readers will be inspired when they find themselves in her story, as well as the lives of other characters facing different types of life’s challenges, as they face their obstacles and discover how to summon the strength to press on.

In her personal life, Victoria is known to use her ‘Coffee Conversations’ as a time when she works with others in her community and challenges them to stretch beyond their comfort zones in order to achieve a higher level of personal and professional success.


Victoria is the President/CEO of Core People Resources, LLC, which is located in Eastern PA. Her company created HRKnowledgeBaseTM, a web store featuring Human Resource (HR) experts, access to forms, documents, employer programs and other professional resources that are needed to run businesses and non-profit organizations.

Victoria is an Area Director for BNI in North Central Pennsylvania, responsible for organizing and training business owners and professionals how to leverage their business through word-of-mouth marketing.

Victoria holds a MBA, is lifetime certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Society of Human Resource Management, certified as a Behavioral Specialist and is a member of Rotary International, and other business, professional, and community organizations.

I guess I don’t have to tell you about the Gary Sinise Foundation! Here’s a great actor who could use his time to go buy a new car or house or bump elbows with hollywood greats, but not this actor, he spends his time using his character from the great move “Forrest Gump” to help veterans and that’s amazing in my book! His help of men and women combat paralyzed and wounded veterans is so commendable. He is a true American hero!

More links will be coming in the links section of the site and I salute all of you who refuse to lay down! NEVER GIVE UP FOLKS! WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU! Civilian or Veterans, makes no difference to me – we are all veterans of life!


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