Americans With Disabilities


I am perusing another webpage and I come across a forum where a gentleman who is 70%  VA service connected and seeking 100% Total and Permanent Disability with Individual Unemployability. He filed and was denied leaving him at 70%. If he is unsatisfied with this response he is able to appeal. It is best that he appeals and does not file a new claim, because if they approve him for 100% he will only be back paid to the time of his claim. So for the appeal it will date back to when he filed his initial but if he files a new claim he will only be paid back to the date of the new claim.

He also mentioned he was unable to obtain work due to his disabilities. Employers were nervous and hesitant about providing him refrigeration for his medications. He is protected and if you run into…

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One thought on “Americans With Disabilities”

  1. LOL I was reading that and was like damn that sounds really familiar. I was like “I know I have read that somewhere before!” and then realized I wrote it… HA HA HA! anyways I reposted a Gulf War Benefits Post for you to refer to


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