Veterans housing donation halted because of Alberta gaming policy

Global News

EDMONTON – The Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary was established to help support veterans, but some say the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is keeping it from doing just that.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Strathcona Legion branch wants to donate $10,000 it raised through bingo events to the Veterans Villa in south Edmonton.

“These people are veterans. They count for us. We should be able to give them all of our money if we wanted to simply because they are veterans and that’s where the legions came from,” says Linda Trewin of the Ladies Auxiliary, Strathcona branch.

The Southgate Veterans Villa has been housing veterans and their families for more than 40 years, and it’s now in need of some upgrades.

“I have a very big wish list but I have to take it very slow because there is no money,” says Iris Wall, the manager of Veterans Villa.

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