Thinking of Gold Star Mothers Today


First of all, let me include a link to this great American organization for the incredible women who bond together to help each other and others in their time of loss after losing their child to war.
On my way from Wisconsin to Florida a man handed me a small package with a piece of an American flag – the star and on the back was a patriotic quote that I can’t recall. I was very tired from travelling and I said thanks to the man and stuck it in my wallet. I was thankful, but when I got to looking at it I couldn’t help think like many of us do that I’m no hero. I just signed up to do a job and followed through with it. It’s like marriage – for better or worse – it’s your job and it could be a good or bad experience at times, but it’s all yours and you made a promise to do something in front of god and country and our flag.

So this remained in my wallet for a while until we got settled in and I went to the local church. I was so happy to see some old friends and neighbors from when we lived here ten years ago. I was getting ready to go and a woman in the lobby noticed that I was talking to a man about my condition. All our lives we here “God works in mysterious ways”. Nothing could be more mysterious about a complete stranger and I just happening to run into each other. Somehow this woman and I started to talking next. She explained to me how she had lost her son about a year ago in the war. Of course I was overwhelmed.

I often am afraid of death as anyone else is, but what comforts me is moments like this and the hope that the goodness god has instilled in me comes out more often than not. So when I saw the pain in this loving mother’s eyes I suddenly remembered the star in my wallet. I was listening to her describe her son and how he was so liked by everyone and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. My heart just pumped harder and my eyes swelled with tears that I was trying to hold back because I didn’t want to upset her further, but how can you not want to shed a tear for the fallen?

But, then I took out the star from my wallet and I looked at it and I looked at her.I told her the story about how a man had given me it on the way down from Wisconsin and I thought she deserved it more than me. I was so pleased to receive a long, warm embrace in return. I left her with a few words about how I’m sure he was a wonderful kid and she just nodded and smiled. I didn’t know what more to say, but I couldn’t help but think that we both were filled with god’s love and desire to make us both happy by serving others.
That’s what Gold Star Mothers of America is all about from my understanding. I’m not an expert, but from the ones that I have met and from looking at their website the concept is that when the mothers lose a child to war they don’t contain their grief and let it self-destruct, but instead they help other mothers after and they also do service to the veterans who come back from war never to return to their previous selves.
It is a noble thing, motherhood. In many ways I know it for a fact the my wife is an excellent mother and like all good mothers she would do anything to make sure her children are safe and comfortable and grow up to be happy Of course it’s not every mother’s dream for their child to grow up and go to war, but such is the way of our world and if we don’t protect our freedom we are weak to our enemies. Many mothers may not even understand and it and who could blame them for possibly having anger issues about it? But they all can find peace in serving and then somehow through the confusion and the black hole that is left inside of us as after loss we can find happiness in serving others and slowly heal that hole.

I want you all to hug your mothers today. I lost mine to ovarian cancer when I was 17 so this is always a hard day for me, but I know she is with me, possibly guiding my thoughts as I write this. God bless mothers and God bless the Gold Star Mothers.

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