If War Bonds Worked Then, Why Not Now?

2352740980_f16ce7728a_b     Recently I was watching a show called WWII From Space on Netflix and they were talking about war bonds and the billions of dollars that were raised to pay for the cost of the war. It suddenly dawned on me that we no longer do this type of fund raising. With all the resources available to us with computers, the internet, texting and more I believe that this could be done rather easily. Back in the 1940’s celebrities had to crisscross the country to try and raise money. This is no longer the case, although a celebrity spokesman or two would be nice on a commercial.

A good place to start would be to end the involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and all terrorist activities in that region perhaps not with troop involvement, but with much more bombing from Navy ships, aircraft and more. I thi2352740270_42996b814e_znk that if the American people thought about this they might be much more inclined to support this type of effort even if they only gave a small amount. That way, if troops are needed on the ground they are given all the equipment they need. No 2352739850_3d46b43aa0_bmore outdated vehicles, body armor, etc… And we might actually win a war for a change. God knows something has to change.

I also think that this could work for veterans. I would say that any true American would support the troops and the veterans and so if the issue is there’s not enough money to take care of us all or the money that is being used isn’t enough and we are having to borrow it from places like China, then I believe something like a ‘veteran’s bond’ would be a great idea.

Vetera2352739270_52769379dc_zn’s Bonds could be used also to take care of those of us who fought in war and have been waiting for a long time to be paid for service-connected claims. No longer would VA claims workers be forced to deny the majority of claims. They could actually feel good about themselves at night because they helped a war veteran.

The Veteran’s Bonds could help in many different ways. We could expand our mental health departments so that those veterans who are in serious need of help get the right can of service instead of just being handed some generic pills and sent on their way. Incidents like the shooting of the now famous sniper, Chris Kyle, could have been avoided along with several other incidents.

I firmly believe that this type of bond idea could work for many things to do with veterans and perhaps fix 2352737782_ca09380c14_zsome of the problems wrong with our veteran’s administration and pay for our wars. After all, who wouldn’t get behind giving just fifty dollars for veterans? With roughly 318 million people in the United States that’s approximately $15,900,000,000. It is probably not a huge sum in the scheme of things, but it sure would be a help to taxpayers and veterans alike and I am certain that there would be several people that would donate much more if the campaign was done right. After all, the war bonds campaign in the 1940’s raised $187.5 billion and in today’s terms I am certain that it adds up to much more than that.

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider about this idea is that it would allow us to borrow from ourselves and not other countries. It would also be a huge morale booster. The idea has been considered before in 2010 when President Obama announced he was sending more troops into Afghanistan. Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska proposed the idea for the same reasons I suggested.

In 2010 econo2351910077_728a4e259b_zmists theorized that the economy has matured in ways that could make the idea of bonds possibly harmful to our economy since we have been urged to consume and not save for decades. Encouraging people to set aside money for the war could slow the economy. I’m no expert, but I disagree. I think that many of us would rather invest some money into the future and what better way to do it. However, there are many of us who are living paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t afford it. But, we all know that there are others who are not and these are the people that this program would be best for. If we could get people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to invest in it or celebrities we might have something.  Consider our other options; print money or raise taxes. What would you rather do?

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan”

-Abraham Lincoln





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