Sorry, You’re Not Service-Connected!

I have had it with the VA and their excuses and jargon and attitude just because I am NOT what they refer to as “service-connected.” I have had a nervous breakdown this week and called the stupid veteran’s hot line and got treated like I was stupid. I feel stupid when talking to the VA or any government worker for that matter. I don’t get it. Everyone tells me things such as, “Well, my Dad went to the VA for years and he loved it and he was in Korea or WWII…” And my response is that that’s because they were service-connected and got care when the system wasn’t so overloaded and broken. They don’t want to help us anymore and who could really blame them with all the work that is piled on their plates with the baby boomers retiring, recent wars, and beaurocratic red tape. However, it is time for someone to step up and take responsibility for this mess. Gulf War veterans have been getting the runaround for too long.

I believe I have every right to be service-connected. I did six years on active duty and put up with a lot of bull from people and now we are supposed to come home to this? Do we have to go back to war again? I don’t understand how we can fight it. I have been ran over by a truck with the words U.S. on it. It’s a disaster and I am not equipped to deal with it and that’s the way they want it. African-Americans often get it before I do because they know hard times and they get what’s going on. I am not that smart sometimes. It doesn’t help that I have to take 10 pills just to get out of bed. They love those pills! Here, take this – this will solve that problem. I just got done putting my pills in the organizer and it took me two hours. I felt like chucking them all at the wall or breaking something. I have had it.

I have been told not to write such long direct messages through the healthyvet website by my primary and I said, “Well, I am a writer.” And he goes, “Oh, that explains a lot.” I should write a letter stating I have had enough of your crap and I demand better treatment. I have served my country honorably, I am a patriot, and just because I am not service-connected on paper doesn’t mean that I didn’t do my time in War. We are cast aside as problem children because they don’t know what to tell us when the Department of Defense will not admit their wrong doing in the war. They gave us shots we didn’t know were and pills to combat the dehydration, they exposed us to chemicals and uranium and pesticides and more and then they say, “Oops, sorry, don’t know what to tell ya!” That’s the American way now.

Well, I think it is time to put an end to all the foolishness and if you haven’t got an attorney on speed dial you should because the medical negligence and the rampant misconduct by the so-called health care is inexcusable. We need to try and put our sick heads together and come up with a solution – not a band-aid. Why can’t veterans have a say so in who is our Secretary of the Veteran’s Affairs? Why can’t we vote on that? I would pick some guy who was in Vietnam and has common sense and no money. We are ruined by rich pricks who think they know what we go through. How could they? They pick a guy who used to run a pharmaceutical company? That’s a joke.

I think they should just shut the doors down of the VA and give us all Blue Cross or something because we have been stepped on since 1991. It’s time we got our lives back on track and get the care we deserve and be able to move on with our lives. And no more stinking acronyms, labels, and medications that we don’t need. If you want to take our opiates away then teach us how to live without them. Teach us what we are supposed to do in the middle of night when we are pulling our hair out because we are in so much pain that we just want to scream! Teach us how to talk to rude employees of the VA or fire them like a normal job. Teach us how it is we are supposed to cope with the monster that tells us it’s not our fault you are like that. We deserve better. We earned it with our lives.

That’s my opinion. I want to know yours. Write to me please and tell me what you are going through. I am not selling anything. I just want to reach out to others so we can build up a network amongst us. Let’s remember our training of paying attention to details and just pull ourselves out of the muck and get going on fighting back in a constructive way. It makes a lot of sense that they would just let us die rather than take care of us because they are broke. They don’t know how to handle the problem so they give up on use. Well, sorry – I refuse to lie down! I am tough and so are you! Let’s stick together and find out a way to cope and then get the care we need. God bless all of you and good luck to you. I hope you are doing better than I am and that you have some strength in knowing that none of this matters in the end. Believe it.







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