Natural Cures, Diet, and Acupuncture

So I have been off the pain medicines for about a week now. I have been really suffering but I decided I can’t lay down. I am not sleeping very well, but I have lost a lot of weight by juicing. My roommate started me on that path and at first I was really not wanting to drink a shake with fruits and vegetables. I’ve never been a very good eater because when you’re in constant pain like we are you want comfort food. However, I have lost thirty pounds in about five weeks. That’s amazing to me. I am at the lowest weight in years and it will help to not have as much fat to carry around for my back. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not been easy, but I have been really giving it my best. I try to remember that I am a veteran who was trained to live in cruddy conditions, I was a Boy Scout, and I had a good upbringing as well. I don’t want to be a victim anymore. It’s time for us to stand-up for our rights and stop being pushed aside like we are problem children.

I know that maybe some of you are thinking – wow this guy is really changing his stance. Well, I decided it’s time. I need to stop going about this thing in a negative way and think positive. It’s time to man-up and figure out how to help myself because the doctors have no clue. Most of them are just employees of a corporation or  that is a bureaucracy full of red-tape and nonsense jargon and their hands are tied as much as ours. That’s why for years all they did was push pharmaceuticals on us and tell us that’s all they could do. Nobody wants to take responsibility these days. Well. big deal – nobody ever said life was fair, right?

The thing that really was bugging me is that the pills didn’t really kill the pain after taking them for years anyway so big deal, but what it the plan for us? How do we sleep and how do we cure ourselves? Well, I can recommend some ideas. I am not a doctor and I can’t give you medical advice. You are going to have to do some research on your own for your individual issues, but we can all agree that the majority of us have sleep issues, respiratory issues, chronic pain, possibly diabetes like me, Fibromyalgia, and Osteoarthritis. We also suffer from mental issues that to me basically come from the depression of not being able to work from this or if we try we are confused and fatigued or have what is labeled: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I call it C.R.S. (can’t remember shit because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night). For me I don’t mind days that much – it’s the nights that are killers. When the temperature drops my pain increases. I wear diabetic socks but then I get hot and rip them off and throw them at the wall in frustration. I toss and turn and can’t sleep on my sides because of my hips, I get severe pain from neck to toes and I am pissed off a lot of the time, but not as much as I used to. It does not help unless you think of it as motivation. I try to think positive thoughts and ask God to help me sleep or whatever works.

So I am signed up to try acupuncture because I hear a lot of veterans swear by it. I don’t know but it’s worth a shot. I was also told by the V.A. that they offer several therapies such as touch therapy and other new age techniques. It’s about time that we allow our veterans a chance to use the Eastern approach to medicine and not the Western approach which is obviously not working. Asians are smart. They know how to eat right, use natural cures, and how to cure pain. For me that chronic pain is one of my biggest obstacles. When I am in pain, which is most of the time now, I am unable to focus to pay bills, make appointments, gather my several pills together into a daily case and just even making a meal is hard. I have to sit a shower chair to bathe, I have to use a wheelchair to go long distances or a walker and it’s not going to get better that way. I am starting to realize that I have to push myself just a little harder to get out and take a look at the sun and clouds and trees a little bit every day. Of course, if you live in the city that may not be as easy, but you know what I mean. It’s easy to want to sit in bed all day and lately I have been guilty of that because I am fighting three infections and taking very heavy duty antibiotics. My stomach aches along with everything else now and my prostate is pretty much screwed. But I am not dead yet so I am going to throw all the punches I can to try and prove all the doctors wrong. I will not be a victim anymore as I said earlier and I hope you are standing with me. Let’s prove to them that we will not be dragged into some sort of quagmire of red tape. Just think if we all got a little stronger and better with diet, supplements, and things like acupuncture then maybe we could be healthier to take back the high ground and demand that we be treated like human beings again – not some scum bags that are whining because we are in pain all the time and have a million other ailments messing with us all the time.

I am really sick of having to see a neurologist who tells me that things aren’t that bad when she doesn’t know how I feel. I don’t like the rheumatologists I have seen who think a Cortisone shot is the cure-all. I have something called Polymyalgia Rheumatica which is arthritic and they have no idea how to help me other than Prednisone which made me fat because the main side effect is over-eating. There has to be another way. I don’t want to have to explain myself to any doctors anymore. I don’t know how to sum it up in a three minute explanation because I did not go to medical school. But, I am no dummy either and neither are any of you. So, please just think about my suggestions and I wish you the very best. Below are just a few of the natural cures I have found with minimal research and I will post more as I get deeper into the research. I hope that this post finds you well and that if you are in distress, please don’t give up. There is hope for us yet and I feel a change or a shift in the paradigm coming. Holistic approaches, diet, light exercise, and Asian methods along with things like cognitive theory are on there way in and the old way is out – we don’t need all the drugs they are pushing on us. We can cure ourselves and save a lot of money doing it. If you can – find out from your doctor what is available through your insurance or the Veteran’s Affairs. You can get things like fish oil and other things from them. God bless you for your service and as always please feel free to contact me any time at

I am a veteran just like you and I am nobody special just because I have a blog. I am just a regular guy trying to find my way like anyone else. I am open to discuss anything with you or just talk about sports or whatever if you like. I need friends and love to talk or listen. If you would like to share your story or testimony I would love to have you. I am going to work on beefing up the exposure for this blog and possibly make it a free book some day. I have made a lot of progress and I pray that many of you who are reading this can do the same. Stay tuned for more about this in the following weeks! Good luck, brothers and sisters.

I know there are many books and websites for natural cures but I just Googled Tinnitus because it really keeps me up at night. It’s like I have a cricket in my ear that won’t shut up. So I read that you can take Ginko Kiloba extract. It takes about six weeks. Look that up for more detailed instructions and do the same for chronic pain and other issues that are bothering you. I also suggest you meet with a dietitian and start juicing. You can get cheap fruits and vegetables most anywhere these days and sometimes if you are not picky you can even get them out of the dumpster behind grocery stores if they are not too far gone. They throw out so much food every day it’s really sad. They should donate it to pantries but there are laws. But if you can afford a super-max blender such as the one Montel Williams swears by you can put the fruits and vegetables in there with minimal work and it will chomp them up real nice. It’s good to put things like Bananas or oranges in because they sweeten the taste but we put Kale and Spinach and all that yucky stuff that I would never eat and drink it down and I have to admit I feel a boost of energy afterwards. I have been doing that for about five weeks and I have lost a ton of weight in that time. My appetite is curbed and I feel a change. I am still in a lot of pain, but my next post will be about that. I am going to research the power of Garlic and Ginger and other natural cures and supplements and get back to you. Again – best of luck to you. It’s not for everyone, but if you just give it a shot I think you’ll find it might be to your benefit.







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