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Any and all donations given to Gulf Illness Veterans will go to improving this website, helping veterans with claims and other needs and any other related needs. We are dedicated to serving veterans. If you have an event or cause you feel would be appropriate for GIV to help with please contact us and we will consider it. Eventually GIV would like to help with homeless veterans, veterans with dependency problems, veterans who are struggling to pay their bills and more. Check back often with us to find out how you can help. We plan to be selling t-shirts on the site and other materials to raise money to help veterans.  We would also like to raise money to send veterans to Washington D.C. to lobby on our behalf.

Gulf Illness Veterans was started in 2012. We are a non-profit organization in it’s infancy. If you would like to help us grow we are going to need your support in any way that you can afford it. We are keeping track of all donations for our records and they are available to the public for the asking any time. If you would like to know more about how you can help us please contact us at

This chapter of GIV is located in Central Florida. If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area please contact us. We are currently considering a chapter in Chicago, Illinois for our veterans in that area and in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Your donations could help many veterans suffering from this illness who are in need of serious help. There are many who cannot afford to get the food they need or even a ride to the VA for medical care. There are veterans in serious need of Mental Healthcare as well who can use your donation money to help them. If there are any funds left over GIV will donate extra funds at the end of the quarter to charities such as Red Cross or Salvation Army, both of which help thousands of veterans every day and their families.

You do not have to be a veteran to donate or support GIV. We accept membership from Gulf War veterans, but donations are not limited to members only. Every dollar we have donated will go to helping the gulf war vets in need and we also plan to start holding charity auctions, have member events and much more. For more information contact us anytime.


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