Howell, Michigan

Bio: David is a graphic artist, illustrator, web designer and writer. He worked for years as a designer and art director for various corporations and has authored two books. One is about his childhood growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and the other is for veteran's benefits. He lives in Howell, MI. He is also a veteran of the Gulf War and is an advocate of Gulf War Illness as he suffers from these conditions. His interests are in writing, art, music, veterans , graphics and film. You can find out more about David by visiting daviddockery.com or help spread awareness of gulf war illness by visiting his blog gulf illness veterans at http://tinyurl.com/j3d3ajg

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Dave,
    I have had family in both the Army (WWII) and Navy, in peace and war. I also have family serving currently in the Army. I read your piece on Alastair’s blog. And I just wanted you to know I wish you the best. I appreciate your service, thank you.

    Continued success in all you do. And may there come a time when our grandchildren will know, no war.



    1. Jules, I wish the best to your family serving now. You’re welcome for my service. I sure hope too that some day we can all live in peace. What a great world it would be! I appreciate your comments and I hope you visit again soon! I wish you the best too! Thanks for stopping by.


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